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Meredith Golden: I didn’t set my sights on earning this title.

Truthfully, I was just doing something I love and the success followed.

It’s also an essential part of being a great conversationalist.MG: Singles should swipe or message strictly Monday through Thursday for about two to five minutes a day.They should not swipe or message over the weekend, which are for having fun and living a full life. MG: While my answer should be about a single walking down the aisle wearing Monique Lhuillier at The Pierre, it isn't!She promises this is exactly what she’ll do for you.It’s 2017 and everyone is convinced they’ll meet Mr. After all, it seems like we all have a friend who met her dreamy new flame from the comfort of her own phone –or swiping on the elliptical at Equinox (I’ve seen it more than once!

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