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The effect is at once gloomy, somber, and highly romantic; the large, double-height art gallery provides a contrast of light and space.The house sits within a park, designed in the English naturalistic style by Ferdinand Mangold, whom Merritt hired.

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Unique in the world of Audubon facsimiles, the Royal Society of London chose Princeton prints for permanent display. You may also want to browse our “Basement“ for special offers and rare finds. We sell Audubon originals including the Havell, Imperial Quadruped, and Octavo bird and Octavo quadruped editions.

Unlike later mansions along the Hudson River, Lyndhurst's rooms are few and of a more modest scale, and strongly Gothic in character.

Hallways are narrow, windows small and sharply arched, and ceilings are fantastically peaked, vaulted, and ornamented.

It provides an outstanding example of 19th-century landscape design, with rolling lawns accented with shrubs and specimen trees, a curving entrance drive that reveals "surprise" views, and a remarkably large (390-foot-long (120 m)) steel-framed conservatory, the first in the United States.

TAYLOR SWIFT premiered her new video for END GAME, her single from REPUTATION featuring Ed Sheeran and Future.

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