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Callen and Hanna are still trapped aboard a submarine with terrorists who are planning an attack on an aircraft carrier in San Diego, California.

Hetty goes against orders and decides to cancel her trip to Washington, D. The remaining members of the team attempt to find the submarine and prevent the attack from occurring.

Callen is returned to his undercover assignment in prison (first seen in "Inelegant Heart") to infiltrate a White supremacist group suspected of holding stolen nuclear material, and soon finds himself in the midst of a bank robbery with trigger-happy "brothers".

Callen and Sam are surprised when a murder victim turns up alive and wants their help.

One of Hetty's houses is attacked, resulting in the death of her bodyguard.

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She told Eric that her little sister made the profile, and also that Nell really doesn't care or know about football.

This manifests itself as interrupting and finishing people's sentences which brought her into conflict with Eric during (Special Delivery).

Nell is able to read Arabic (Harm's Way) Nell is fluent in Spanish and an expert on South America (Enemy Within). (Higher Power) She likes to receive flowers and strawberries; in Episode: Greed, she sends flowers to herself and reveals to Eric only after his never ending pestering.

When Callen's girlfriend (Joelle Taylor) becomes a hostage following a security company's robbery, the team's search for the robbers leads Callen's girlfriend to find out his true occupation. When on a mission to bring in an Indian defector, Sam is shot by a sniper, leading the team to work with Jemadar Thapa (from season 5's "The Frozen Lake") to find the culprit, leading to a face-off with a team of rogue Gurkha agents and questions about the defector's true agenda. When an Afghan soldier brought to America for DEA training is murdered, the OSP team finds themselves tracking down his two comrades who have been targeted for the information they know about the Afghan military.

After a successful sting operation, three FBI agents are killed in a sudden explosion, resulting in OSP being assigned to investigate.

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