Who is papoose dating

The red headed clown as described by former co-star Yandy Smith has a successful career but a terrible image among employees and so called friends.Although her hair looks like it’s been dyed with kool-aid packets she’s got a lot of paper and it’s more than you think.Remy was convicted of assault in March 2008 for shooting a former friend over a disagreement concerning money and sentenced on May 13, 2008.Remy and Pap were married by a judge over the phone in the least romantic way possible so that Pap could have spousal rights to see her while she was in prison.A year later during season 2 of Basketball Wives Rashidah’s name was brought up in an altercation with Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada who claimed Rashidah was dissing Jennifer on twitter.

I don’t know what they’re doing; they’re letting these guys take over.” Remy Ma, who was featured on Terror Squad’s 2004 single “Lean Back,” says she made up fellow Terror Squad member Fat Joe while she was in prison. At the end of the day, I could never hate him…as much as I’ll be like, ‘He gets on my nerves go away,’ I’ll never feel like that. Even though Pun was the one that I met and he introduced me to Steve Rifkind and Loud Records and all of that, I had a lot of great moments with Joe, and I respect that.” Although Remy says she didn’t want to sign a deal immediately upon release, Tony Yayo recently advised 50 Cent to sign Remy Ma in an Instagram post.

“That was one of my epiphanies that I had,” Remy Ma says.

And water is wet, Papoose baby mother is coming to the front to confirm that he did cheat on Remy Ma with her…In a series of Instagram notes spotted by Fameolous.com… This is the baby mother: I’m not surprised, of course he had women and I’m pretty sure Remy knew what it was….

Rashidah has been featured in countless reality shows because of her career as a stylist.

She’s been featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians after she gifted celebrity client Kim K with a ,000 watch from her boutique B Chic.

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